Turner Works were commissioned to develop a placemaking strategy for Weston-super-Mare by North Somerset Council in 2019. Nicola worked as senior architect, running the project and developing an intesive engagement process to understand what the residents wanted to see change in Weston. TW collaborated with graphic designersBurgess and Beech to develop an identity for Weston and a website https://superweston.net/ to find out about news and future projects. 

A publication resulted of deep and wide engagement with the local community, data capture and analysis and developing project proposals. It was not just about what Weston can become when grand plans have been realised, but how Weston can change along the way. The document sets out an ambition for a series of projects across the town centre with approximate budgets and timeframes for delivery. Some are large and long term, while others are lighter, quicker and cheaper. Funding and investment will be needed over time to realise the ambition. The delivery of these projects will rely on partnerships between public and private sector, landowners, and the local community. The document can be accessed here.

Much of the initial work was undertaken leading up to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown of 2020 which had a very significant impact on the town centre and visitor economy. The set of proposals recognise the profound longer-term implications for the community, the economy and people’s daily lives.

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