School Insertions

A Learning Architecture: Developing a collective design pedagogy in Mumbai with Muktangan School children and the Mariamma Nagar community.

The first of four live projects, School Insertions began in December 2012 involving Lovegrove 5th standard (age nine) in designing interventions for learning situations in their school. School Insertions comprises three sub-projects: Classroom Objects, Fresh Air Desk and Edible Garden

In 2012 I visited the seven Muktangan schools to observe and learn about the way the environment was used as a learning resource. As an architect of school buildings, I noticed many of the classrooms presented difficult learning environments: noise and air pollution made concentration difficult for both children and teachers. I proposed a research project to Muktangan School, to involve the eldest Love Grove School children in a series of design workshops to explore the learning environment. The school agreed and I began working with Lovegrove 5th standard (age nine) during their weekly 'work experience' sessions.

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