Brainstorming Mariamma Nagar crafts in the classroom

Brainstorming Mariamma Nagar crafts in the classroom

Neighbourhood Craft

In 2015 and 2016 the pedagogic design experiments with Love Grove 7th/8th standard focused on designing settlement interventions for learning situations in the neighbourhood Mariamma Nagar. In 2015 the children set their design brief and designed conceptual responses; in 2016, they designed responses in detail and were involved in the fabrication of their interventions for the settlement.

To document activities of making we held an exploratory 'walkabout' session, building on the previous practice of mapping the settlement the year before. Searching for crafts often hidden behind doors, this process became an activity of inquiry and documentation, a precursor to critical thought. Inspired by the successes of engagement with craftspeople for the making of  Tapestry, and drawing on making related pedagogies of Freinet [1] and Gandhi, [2] we identified craft as an important pedagogical ingredient in our design practice. However, it was also important that the children explored and defined the pool of local craft themselves.

[1] Freinet’s pedagogy is entitled the Ecole Moderne. See Chapter 3, Craft as Teacher.

[2] Gandhi’s pedagogy is entitled Nai Talim. See Chapter 3, Craft as Teacher.

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